Saturday, 14 July 2012

on the road to Andorra

our friends Shelagh and Rodger live in Rodes, a sleepy village just north of Perpignan. This is the view from the terrace on the third floor of their house, looking North towards Mount Canigou, which is part of the French pyrenees, and the highest point in Catalonia. It has come to represent home and is a source of spiritual meaning to many Catalonians. In the summer the air is full of martins, swallows, and in particular hordes of swifts that love to fly at top speed through the canyons created by the narrow alleys and steep buildings.. The air is full of their excited screeching. Because they fly so fast it is extremely difficult to catch them in focus against such a magnificent backdrop, and this photograph is the best of many very poor shots. Thank goodness for digital photography.

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